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West Highland Adds Blue Pan Pizza to the Neighborhood

The ovens have been delivered and slice counters built. Up next? A liquor license.

Telluride's Brown Dog Pizza owners Giles Flanagin and Jeffrey Smokevitch found a home for their new Denver location, Blue Pan Pizza, in the Highlands. The space was previously occupied by Basil Doc's, who closed its doors early this year.

Located just south of the pizza-laden Berkeley neighborhood, the restaurant will try to stand out with its signature Detroit-style deep-dish pizzas. What separates Detroit-style pizza from other deep dish pie is not only the square shape but also the thick crisp bottom of the crust that is at times twice-baked.

There is no clear opening date on the calendar, but recent activity at the location marks progress and spring is the current timeline. There are pizza ovens in the kitchen, new hardwood floors in the dining area, and the bones of a classic pizza counter. The only major hurdle left is acquiring a liquor license, which Flanagin and Smokevitch applied for last month. Stay tuned for updates.