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Help Next Door Food and Drink Pick A New Name

The legal battle is over and there is a prize for a lucky fan of the restaurant at stake: lunch for two for a year.

Next Door Food and Drink
Next Door Food and Drink

Faced with a legal battle, Jim Edwards of Next Door Food and Drink first refused to change the name of his Loveland restaurant. The issue was the "Next Door" part of his name. The Kitchen Next Door established and grew that business and brand. The Boulder-based company argued that Next Door Food and Drink violated trademarks, including logos and branding that are too similar to The Kitchen brand.

Now an out-of-court settlement has been reached with The Kitchen, and Edwards is offering free lunch for a year to a lucky fan of the restaurant. Everyone who suggests a new name for the restaurant will be entered for a random drawing. The winner will be chosen to get lunch for two every week for a 52 weeks. To cast a vote, visit Next Door Food and Drinks webpage.

The Kitchen [NEXT DOOR]

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