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East Colfax Gets a Little Greener with the Addition of Cheba Hut Sub Shop

Marijuana-themed sub shop will be opening on East Colfax this April.

Cheba Hut

Colorado's pot-themed sub chain Cheba Hut will open a location at 638 East Colfax Avenue. The grand opening will not be on April 20, the national cannabis holiday, but on April 11. This new location is set in the building that previously housed Capitol Hill Market, just walking distance from downtown Denver and many popular nighttime venues.

"Colfax is going to be our flagship store in Colorado," said owner Scott Jennings. This will be his 16th Cheba Hut venue and will include a new assembly line to accommodate higher volume, a full bar, and a 700-square foot outdoor deck. Jennings has plans for this expanded space to host local musicians, block parties, and other events for the neighborhood.

While Cheba Hut does not actually sell any physical marijuana or paraphernalia, the menu features "toasted" subs all related to the recently legalized plant such as "Jamaican Red," "White Widow," and "Chronic." Each venue has a "Secret Stash" where store owners and employees can create one-of-a-kind sandwiches for the menu, bringing variety among the several locations of the chain.