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Kitschy Casa Bonita Is Now an Official Landmark

One of Colorado's most notorious attractions receives some big recognition.

The Lakewood Historical Society named the infamous Casa Bonita an official landmark last week. The nomination was earned by the well-known attraction for its unique and historical architecture along with the roll it has played in the engagement of the Lakewood community over the past 40 years. Everyone in the Denver-Lakewood area has probably been to, or heard of, Casa Bonita at some point.

Casa Bonita recently signed a long-term lease for its location at Colfax and Pierce, an action that only further indicates that the kitschy spot is here to stay. The venue was at one point the largest Mexican restaurant in the world, as it seats over 1,100 people and employees roughly 300 people during the summer season. Among its signature features, Casa Bonita lists a 30-foot waterfall, cliff divers, stage shows, musicians, arcade, and a serious gift shop.

Casa Bonita

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