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Volta Will Shutter Later This Month

After a year and a half, the Boulder restaurant will close its doors.

Volta Facebook

A quaint Mediterranean restaurant in Boulder, Volta, will be closing its doors on March 29, the Denver Post reported. Owners Jon and Eleni Deering have decided to move business elsewhere, possibly the Pacific Northwest. The couple's perspective on the closure is positive and they are grateful for their experience in Boulder.

Volta plans to go out with a bang and will be offering a variety of freebies and specialties for loyal customers throughout the week before the closure. A friendly Facebook sendoff can land you a free drink and if you're a lucky winner of a blue ribbon napkin, a free dessert will be headed your way. The restaurant will also open its wine cellar for requests to try anything and consumers will only be charged for what they drink.

Volta will be open for lunch, happy hour, and dinner with a special Farewell Brunch followed by a Farewell Taverna Dinner on Sunday night, March 29.