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Cho77's Menu Will Include a Singular but Stellar Ramen

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A ramen so inventive it will make you forget the classic.

Chef Lon Sysmensma was more than aware of the buzz surrounding ramen in Denver when he was creating the menu for Cho77. "When we were first talking about opening and talking about our concept, people lumped us in with ramen restaurants. But noodles throughout Asia are very very different."

Something about that ramen buzz made him want to include at least one ramen dish, but he wanted it to be different. He combined the components of a typical ramen dish and classic American breakfast items — bacon, eggs, and cheese — and this masterpiece was born.

The noodles swim in a broth made with parmesan cheese rinds and smoked ham hocks. Two poached eggs topped with parmesan, green chili flakes, seaweed, and black sesame seeds nestle alongside, and two miso syrup-brushed strips of bacon top it off.

"It's fun because it's unique. I think cheese is the American version of umami. We also put pickled mushrooms in the dish. When you get a bite of them, it's almost like a palate cleanser and makes you want more."


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