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The Kitchen Next Door Begins Monday Night Charitable Program

The new program was launched to raise money for local schools and non-profits.

The Kitchen Next Door Union Station
The Kitchen Next Door Union Station
Adam Larkey

A community pub with multiple locations, The Kitchen Next Door, has recently started a new program to support local schools and non-profits. The 50l4U program will be a chance for local organizations to get 50% of the sales from each Monday's nights earnings at a selected Next Door location. There is no cost for schools or organizations to take part in the program, and guests are simply required to mention the server that they are dining on behalf of supporting the designated cause.

Next Door Boulder formerly hosted Dawson School and Next Door Glendale hosted the Denver Language School this past month, collectively raising over $3500 for their particular missions. All Next Door locations will be hosting Bonfils Blood Center within the next month. Interested schools and non-profits should email to get more information.

The Kitchen [NEXT DOOR]

1035 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO 80302 720-542-8159