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Vesta Chef Recognized; Humboldt's Chowder Gets National Attention

And Barrels & Bottles is awarded Business of the Year. Denver's buzzing on all fronts.

Adam Larkey

Brandon Foster, executive chef at LoDo's Vesta Dipping Grill, was recognized as one of "The Best Chefs in America You've Never Heard Of" by The Brasier. Foster was noted for his techniques, and bringing the flare of the region while staying true to the restaurant's "pick your sauce" mantra.

Foster also had the honor of being part of this year's James Beard House third annual Skuna Bay 'Salmon Seduction' dinner. The dinner featured some of America's best chefs preparing Vancouver Island craft raised salmon. .

Restaurant Hospitality tipped its hat to Humboldt Farm for the incorporation of smoked bacon and Tabasco sauce in its classic clam chowder. Executive chef DJ Nagle stands by his 20-year recipe, keeping it simple yet distinctive and appetizing.

Barrels & Bottles Brewery was named 2014 Golden Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year. The brewpub quickly made its mark in the Golden community. Only being open for less than two years they've helped in fundraising as well as being a member of street fairs and other Golden events.

Barrels & Bottles regularly supports Chamber of Commerce functions like the Taste of Golden, the Fine Arts Festival, the Golden Chili Cook-off & Beer Festival, First Friday events, and the Golden Ladies Only Sample Tour, among other events and organizations. Zach and Abby George are also members of the Chamber's Young Professionals Group.


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