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See What Denverites Are Saying About Meadowlark Kitchen

The good, the great and the hungry. No, really - there wasn't one bad review to be found.

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Meadowlark Kitchen
Meadowlark Kitchen
Adam Larkey

The Great Recommendation News: From service to burgers and dessert, one reviewer enjoyed his whole experience at Meadowlark Kitchen. "Great place! One of the food truck guys by the Great Divide recommended it. Felicia and Billy are both fantastic. They helped out picking what to get by sharing with us some of their favorites. Have the burger, it's amazing. We had the peanut butter and jelly donuts for dessert, and the pumpkin Moscow for a finishing drink. All were just hitting the spot every time. Thank you Felicia and Billy, you made it a great experience." [Google+]

The Vibe and No Sign News: One OpenTable reviewer assures guests not to worry about Meadowlark Kitchen lacking a sign out front, "We went to the restaurant for my birthday dinner. When we arrived, my Dad couldn't stop talking about the "vibe" in a somewhat satirical way -- the restaurant doesn't have a sign out front, the water comes in plastic glasses, the vents are exposed -- almost like the place could be a bit too hipster for its own good. But as soon as the drinks started flowing and the food came out, there was no more remarking on the "vibe." The service was great, the drinks were good, the food was outstanding, and the prices were reasonable (especially for a restaurant with so much "vibe")." [OpenTable]

The Perfect Combo News: Facebook reviewers have nothing but great things to say about Meadowlark. One gentleman couldn't stay away from the exclamation points when describing his dining experience. "Great spot, great food, great staff! You can close your eyes while eating and easily mistake the food for a super fancy restaurant, but the vibe of the spot is very down to Earth; just the combo I like!!!" [Facebook]

The Coolest Place Ever News: Instead of taking to dining review sites, many diners use social media to express their opinions about their favorite Denver spots. Upon posting a picture of a half-devoured burger, one diner writes: "No Words. I'm in my happy place right now. Don't make me leave. #imserious #illfightyou #afterIfinishtheburger." [Instagram]

The Only Drawback News, Literally: Across all boards - social media and dining sites - there was not one negative review. This is the best we could do. "This place was awesome!! The food was filled with amazing favors. We asked our server what he recommended. He was right on point. I had the meadowlark burger. My daughters had the wild mushrooms. We had the jelly filled peanut butter glazed doughnuts for dessert. I would highly recommend this place. Great service! Cool food with tons of great flavor. The only drawback is it is very small five tables. There is a big bar if that's more your style." [Yelp]

Meadowlark Kitchen

2705 Larimer Street, , CO 80205 (303) 953-1815 Visit Website