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Frank Bonanno Shows Off His Irresistible Cured Meats Selection

The meaty goods are only to be served in Bonanno Concepts restaurants.

There is a treasure hiding in the basement of Salt & Grinder, Frank Bonanno's casual sandwich shop in the Highland: a room that holds some 500 pounds of cured meats. Since the opening of the spot, the chef has been working on turning part of Salt & Grinder into a production facility for the salumi program that he developed at Luca, one of his other restaurants.

With a certification for a HACCP plan (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points to ensure food safety) in hand, Bonanno started the first batch of meats aging in November. He made coppa, sopressata, finochietta, speck, bresaola, lonza, and salami. The salami is the only one that still needs time to age, while the rest are offered on meat and cheese plates at Salt & Grinder, Luca, Osteria Marco, and Mizuna. The coppa is prominently featured on a pizza at Osteria Marco and also on one of the sandwiches at Salt & Grinder.

Speaking of Salt & Grinder, recently Bonanno launched full pasta menu there, available for dinner only from 5 to close. Among the four additions are spaghetti (with tomato gravy and fresh mozzarella) and orecchiette (with creamy basil pesto, roasted red peppers, and Parmesan.

Salt & Grinder

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