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Punch Bowl Social Announced Second Denver Location in Stapleton

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Founder Robert Thompson has already expanded the Punch Bowl brand to cities like Austin, Portland, and Detroit. The first location on South Broadway, opened in 2012, has gained great popularity.

Robert Thompson announcing Punch Bowl Social Stapleton
Robert Thompson announcing Punch Bowl Social Stapleton
Andra Zeppelin

Today, Robert Thompson, founder of Punch Bowl Social, announced that he is opening a second Denver-area location in Stapleton. Through a partnership with Forest City, a development company, and through the vision of Denver City Council Chris Herndon, Thompson will bring Punch Bowl Social to the air traffic control tower of the former Stapleton Airport.

"I have always been fascinated with the tower and always wondered what we can do with it," said Herndon, who is the city council representative for the area. After surveying neighbors old and young (apparently some school kids suggested a spy house), he became intrigued with the opportunity of creating a community epicenter around a place like Punch Bowl Social. He reached out to Thompson personally and the match seemed made in heaven.

The 15,000 square foot mid-century building will be transformed with assistance from Becky Stone of Oz Architecture who will work on designing both the interior and exterior. "The real star is the tower," said Thompson, who added that the two lower levels will be expanded for a total of nearly 22,000 square feet that will include some outdoor dining.

As early as April 2016, the new "eatertainment" venue set off Central Park and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard will be able to host upwards of 600 guests.  The company's signature diner-craft cocktail concept-old school entertainment that includes six lanes of bowling at this location is what neighborhood residents and guests should expect.