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Barbecue Truck Workers Attacked on Rockies Opening Day

Denver Police is still investigating the alleged assault.

Coors Field
Coors Field

Coors Field was a popular spot with baseball fans on Friday, for the Colorado Rockies' home opener. Unfortunately, at the end of the festivities, a group of food truck workers reported they had been physically attacked and called racial slurs, according to FOX31 News.

The owner of Big T's Barbecue, Terrance Gibbons, said one of the alleged attackers was using the 'N' word and making other comments related to his race. Gibbons asked the men to leave and told them he would no longer serve them. The man left with his friends, only to return a minute later and punch Gibbons' co-worker. While trying to diffuse the situation, Gibbons was pushed through a car window - leaving him with a concussion and cuts from broken glass.

The Denver Police Department is investigating the case, using help from social media to identify the man. The possibility of a racially motivated assault has not been ruled out and no arrests have been made.

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Coors Field

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