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Three Burger Chains That Should Come to Denver

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Denver diners can certainly sustain more burger awesomeness.

In-N-Out Burger
In-N-Out Burger

Power HourIt is no secret that the Mile High City has a lot of love for their local burger joints. But there is something special about unwrapping a greasy franchise burger, delivered to your hands just minutes after it was ordered. Denver could use a few more places that offer this kind of experience, and Eater knows just the three.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack: Crinkle fries, frozen custard, and 100% all-natural Angus beef burgers would please any hungry Denver-local, but the real reason why this city needs a Shake Shack is that they're in it for the dogs. No, really. Fido-owners can order either Bag O' Bones dog biscuits or a Pooch-ini sweet treat for their hungry hound to chow down on.

In N Out

In-N-Out: Colorado is close enough to California to receive all the hype about this popular Cali-based burger chain that began feeding ravenous customers in 1948. With a number of new locations opening in Texas, Arizona, and Utah, we think it's time for Denver to dig its teeth into a Double Double, In-N-Out's double decker cheeseburger and some of those crispy hand-cut fries. We'd like our future In-N-Out to just remain in, and never go out.


Whataburger: What-a-chain, what-a-chain, Whataburger has it all. Denver natives would probably have a hard time choosing from the franchise's lengthy yet mouth watering menu of biscuits, burgers, breakfast and more. Another plus of Whataburger joining the Mile High neighborhood would be their active participation, as the company prides itself on their community involvement.