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Flow Juice Bar Will Open in May in Capitol Hill

The soon-to-be spot is hiring for any interested juice-nuts.

Flow Juice Bar

Exciting news for all juice fans: Flow Juice Bar plans to open at 208 East 7th Avenue next month. The Houston-based smoothie and juice bar is currently seeking local Denver staff to join the Flow team in time for the May opening. The shop shares a sidewalk with the brand new Max's Wine Dive, another Houston-born venture owned by the same group.

Founder Jerry Lasco decided to start the juice business after he and his wife decided to start living a healthier life. He describes his goals as "the age-old pursuit of health and happiness" and what started out to be as a few life changes became a commercial project.

The business defines "flow" as "a feeling of energized focus, full involvement and enjoyment." The juices, smoothies, cleanses, and snacks are all designed with this feeling in mind and include items like a vanilla coconut chia bowl and a spicy ginger lemonade.