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Uptown's Argyll Whisky Beer Changes Space, Menu

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There was a speedy redesign for the Uptown gastropub.

When you're lucky enough to get a second chance, it's best to give it all you've got. Restaurateur Robert Thompson's second crack at Argyll Whiskey Beer got a series of tweaks between yesterday and today, in an attempt to better resonate with a neighborhood that is chock-full of millenials. There was no downtime for the restaurant caused by the remodel.

The light renovation aimed to mesh the dining, drinking, and socializing taking place in the space. This entailed removing the glass atrium dividers that surrounded the bar, replacing bulky booths with high top tables in the initial dining room, and lowering the overhanging opening to the kitchen to prevent fluorescent light from spilling into the pub's ambiance. Thompson explained that Argyll has lost business because visitors vie for spots at the bar, disenchanted by alternative seating options, as he perceives the surrounding spots weren't providing organic, interactive spaces. Now the energy from the bar bleeds seamlessly into the dining room.

Along with the space changes, a new menu will officially launch at the beginning of May, focusing on more price-conscious, shareable plates and non-fussy a la carte options, such as the popular charcuterie board. There will be six proteins and about ten sides for guests to choose from and build their own experience. A classics section with composite plates, like the popular spot of tea will also be offered.

The expansive whisky menu is shrinking to some 100 bottles from the original ~230. Not that 100 is a small list, by any standard. As the whisky inventory shrinks, guests should expect to see some specials in the form of "hot sheets" or otherwise for the whiskys that are being discontinued.

What else? On the back patio, Thompson is adding three dart boards for guests to enjoy. Inside the dining room, he is considering checkers, chess or other pub-appropriate board games.

Argyll Whisky Beer, A Gastropub

1035 E. 17th Avenue, Denver, CO 80218