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Denver's Great Burger Sidekicks: Tater Tots to Sweet Potato Fries

Is a burger really a burger without a great side?


The burger is unquestionably a superhero-esque food; hearty, loyal, and courageous enough to be a meal all by itself. Therefore, no burger is truly complete without a sidekick. We've scoured Denver for the best burger sidekicks and have come up with a few that are truly cape and mask worthy.

Tater Tots: If the classic potato nuggets make you think of a middle-school lunch try, think again. Acorn has perfected the tater tot as to its grilled double cheeseburger. Move over french fries, these house-made "Old Bay" tots might become your new favorite burger side.

Sweet Potato Fries: The vibrant, eye-catching root vegetable compliments any burger with its salty and ever-so-slighty sweet flavor. Park Burger's sweet potato fries cannot be missed - a crispy exterior and fluffy interior will leave your hands going back into the basket again and again. Don't even think about ordering a small as the basket size is the only way you might have leftovers.

Quinoa: As if the world wasn't already in love with this superfood grain, Larkburger has realized its potential as a healthy side to one of its many burger options. The chain offers a bibb & quinoa salad filled with tomato quinoa, sliced vegetables, and house made chickpeas as an alternative to the classic french fry.

Parmesan Truffle Fries: Isn't it obvious that cheese and potatoes are simply meant to be together? Tag Burger Bar's truffle aioli and parmesan fries can either be dipped or doused in the savory aioli, perfectly accompanying the burger of your choice. A sprinkling of parsley completes this tasty side.


15 Henry Thomas Drive, , LA 70124 (504) 218-5413 Visit Website

TAG Burger Bar

1222 Madison Street, Denver, CO 80206 303 736 2260 Visit Website

Park Burger [Wash Park]

1890 S Pearl, Denver, CO 80210 720 242 9951


1617 California St, Denver, CO 80202 (720) 250-0533 Visit Website