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Praises for Biju's Little Curry Shop; Room For Improvement at Will Call

Two newbie locations were reviewed by critics this week, with one receiving much more positive feedback than the other.

Will Call
Will Call
Will Call

William Porter of the Denver Post reviewed one of RiNo's newer additions this week, Biju's Little Curry Shop. Offering a menu of "flavorful and vibrant" Indian cuisine, Biju's "hole-in-the-wall" location impressed Porter, who patted owner Biju Thomas on the back for turning out "terrific" food. The reviewer's taste buds were greatly entertained by the spices and condiments that come in five options: a spectrum of increasing spice and dynamic flavors. Porter was not only enraptured by each bowl's "sheer loveliness of the dishes' colors," but by the overall success of Biju's authentic Indian restaurant—ultimately issuing three out of four stars.

Westword's Gretchen Kurtz reviewed Will Call this week, another newer venue to the Denver restaurant scene. After noting the obvious mid-construction state of Will Call's home, the Industry development, Kurtz dove into a rant of criticisms about many of the dishes that she called "a deep-fried parade." The restaurant's featured item of arepas were a disappointment for Kurtz, which lacked proper grilling and filling proportions. The only dishes complimented by the critic included the "awesome" guisado soup and the dessert-like plantains.

Will Call

, Denver, CO

Biju's Little Curry Shop

1441 26th Street, , CO 80205 (303) 292-3500 Visit Website

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