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Five Food Trucks You Need to Stalk This Spring

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Follow these Denver food trucks for great meals on-the-go.

Den Food Trucks

When your stomach is rumbling, and you want gourmet food fast- who do you rely on to satisfy those cravings? Here are five of the best roaming eateries in the Mile High City and where to find them when you need grub.

1. Chuey Fu's

chuey fus

Latin and Asian cuisine, spicy and sweet flavors, the Chuey Fu's food truck is the culinary culmination of the best of both worlds. Pick your protein filler such as Spicy Korean Beef or Miso Grilled Tofu, choose your vessel be it burrito, quesadilla, bowl or taco variation, and chow down. Chuey Fu's is a regular at RiNo's Denargo Farm and Truck and Friday Night Bazaar as well as Sante Fe District's First Fridays. Follow them on Twitter for more location information.

2. Crock Spot

Crock Spot Truck

Crock Spot features a build-your-own-bowl/ choose-your-own-adventure menu that is anything but boring. Start with a grain such as fried rice, quinoa or couscous, add a protein like pulled pork or veggie coconut green curry and top it off with a sauce such as avocado velvet to miso honey. You can find this truck outside various breweries such Denver Beer Co. and Epic Brewing Co. or at the newly opened Friday Night Bazaar and Denargo Farm and Truck in RiNo.

3. Comfortable Food

Comfortable Truck

With a motto like Zero Pretension, 100% Delicious, Comfortable Food Truck isn't trying to reinvent the wheel with crazy food combinations but rather serve up your favorite comfort food in the most flavorful way possible. Find the truck all over the Denver area from Epic Brewing Co. to Anschutz Medical Campus. An up-to-date calendar can be found on Comfortable Food's website as well as recipes to the entire menu.

4. PinkTank

PinkTank Truck

Chicken and waffles with a side of hot sauce ice cream? Hot dogs topped with peanut butter? PinkTank food truck is known for its surprising and daringly delicious combinations. Much like the menu, the location changes daily. Catch PinkTank on social media to nail down a meal from these culinary wanderers.

5. Bakin’ Bakery

Bakin Bakery

Specializing in community-influenced treats from savory to sweet, the Bakin’ Bakery truck serves local and seasonal concoctions from sriracha-honey popcorn clusters to pork roast pop-tarts at breweries such as Diebolt Brewery, Mockery Brewery, Ratio Beerworks and Joyride Brewing. Look for a full April location calendar on the truck's Facebook page.

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