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Pizzeria Locale, Punch Bowl Social, the Kitchen Continue National Expansion

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The latest location for the Chipotle-backed version of the Boulder-born pizzeria is

Pizzeria Locale Denver
Pizzeria Locale Denver
Adam Larkey

Pizzeria Locale, the Boulder-born pie shop that later spun itself into a fast-casual chain through a partnership with Chipotle is expanding to Ohio. This fourth restaurant — there are two in Denver and one in the works in Kansas City will be located at 7800 Montgomery Road in Cincinnati. The growing fast-casual eateries are based on co-owners Bobby Stuckey and Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson's original full-service pizzeria in Boulder. With the expansion, they strive to maintain a commitment to the finest ingredients bringing in the fast-casual service inspired by Chipotle. The Cincinnati outpost, located in the city's Kenwood Towne Centre, will serve 56 guests indoors with addition room for 28 outdoors. Construction will begin this spring, with plans to open in the fall.

Speaking of Ohio, Denver's eatery, bar, and entertainment emporium Punch Bowl Social, announced its expansion to Cleveland. The attraction, owned by restauranteur Robert Thompson already opened outposts in Portland, Austin and Detroit. Two more, aside from Cleveland, are planned for this year. Punch Bowl Social Cleveland will be set in a 27,000 square feet space in the Flats at East Bank project. It will include a main floor, balcony, and a 4,000-square-foot rooftop deck.

While not officially announced, The Kitchen, originally opened in Boulder in 2004, will expand its reach to Memphis, Tennessee. With an out-of-state location already open in Chicago and an eye on another one in California, the farm-to-table spot founded by Hugo Matheson and Kimbal Musk is starting to make a mark on the national dining scene. More details will be shared as they are released.