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WaterCourse Celebrates One-Year Anniversary of Veganism

The community is invited to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the restaurant's switch to a 100% vegan menu.

WaterCourse Foods

WaterCourse is calling today its "veganniversary," otherwise known as the date that the restaurant transformed its menu to 100% plant based. One year ago to the date, owner Daniel Landes made the decision to remove eggs and dairy products from the menu in an effort to lessen the eatery's impact on the environment. Today, WaterCourse is still successfully serving totally vegan breakfast and lunch cuisine.

The switch has helped the restaurant win a number of recognitions with their vegan menu. Food & Wine Magazine recognized WaterCourse as one of the best vegan/vegetarian restaurants in the USA and Westword awarded the venue as having the best veggie burger in Colorado.

The public is welcome to join the WaterCourse community in celebrating the anniversary today, April 28 at the the restaurant. Landes will speak about the reasons behind the change, the struggles the restaurant faced, and how it has resulted in success. More information can be found on the WaterCourse website.

Watercourse Foods

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