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Protesters Attack Whole Foods For Selling Rabbit Meat

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The protest is scheduled for Saturday, April 4 from 1 to 4 p.m.

Whole Foods - Pearl Street, Boulder
Whole Foods - Pearl Street, Boulder

The day before Easter, the Rabbit Advocacy Network is inviting people nationwide to protest the sale of rabbit meat at Whole Foods Markets across the United States. Jill Bielawskiin is leading Boulder in protesting Whole Foods Market's decision to make profit off what she says is "Americans' third most popular family pet."

Bielawskiin is inviting people to RSVP via Facebook if they would like to join in the protest surrounding the entrances of the Whole Foods store at Pearl and 28th streets. The Facebook invite gives some background on the issue:

Rabbit meat sales are down, and this Boulder event is part of a nationwide effort whose aim is to prompt Whole Foods Market to reconsider its decision to slaughter 10-week old domestic New Zealand rabbits it term "fryers." The New Zealand rabbit can live up to 10+ years when properly cared for and often falls victim to horrific abuse through product testing. Whole Foods supports cruelty-free products, yet supports the slaughter of the very same domestic breed. We feel their slaughter is an irresponsible, callous move done only to promote rabbit meat consumption and increase Whole Foods' profits.

Whole Foods has always sold plenty of species for meat eaters to consume, and rabbits already have enough problems. The last thing they need is for Whole Foods to popularize the consumption of their flesh across the country. The company is not selling rabbit meat in CO yet, but last summer it began selling it in many stores nationwide, sourcing from what are essentially factory farms. The company boasts that its rabbit meat "does not contain animal byproducts" and that the rabbits have an "enriched environment."The Easter Bunny will be there passing out plastic eggs containing candy and notes that encourage people to ask Whole Foods to end the sale of bunny meat.

Those interested in attending are encouraged to park somewhere besides the store parking lot and walk to the sidewalk on Pearl Street—the sidewalk directly outside of Whole Foods' doors cannot be picketed as it is legally off limits. Bielawskiin tells advocates to bring signs, with suggestions from "Factory Farmed Bunnies Sold Here" to "Whole Foods Kills Family Pets."