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Casey Brewing Release: The Cult Side of Craft Beer

Beer fanatics travel from far and wide to revel in the glorious wake of Casey beers this Saturday, May 2.

Derek Goodman, beer connoisseur, sampling the beer at Casey
Derek Goodman, beer connoisseur, sampling the beer at Casey
Kelly Mcdonald

Craft beer is cultish in its ability to unite people from all backgrounds behind one noble cause: The production and consumption of artisanal beer. A great display of this dedication/obsession with craft beer is now-celebrated monthly release from Casey Brewing and Blending in Glenwood Springs. Saturday May 2 is the one day of the entire month of May that Casey Brewing will open its doors to the public. So for one day a month, for five hours, people will literally flock from all corners of the state to try this beer. What's the big deal?

Troy Casey (founder and head brewer) is a wizard of fermentation. His specialties lie in oak barrel aging with wild yeast and bacteria. The result is generally complex, oaken, funky beer that is completely unique. By using ninety-nine percent local Colorado ingredients and traditional, time-intensive techniques, Casey brings "old-world brewing techniques to the modern day consumer."

This month's release features a very special beer from the Cut series among other things. The Cut series encompasses different versions of the Oak Theory (Belgian-style sour) aged on Colorado fruit. This particular release is done on Balaton sour cherries from Hotchkiss hand-picked by Troy Casey himself. The crew at Casey Brewing is saying that this is the best beer they've ever made, hands down.

Want to see for yourself what all the hype is about? Head down to Glenwood Springs this Saturday from 11 to 4 to check it out and buy some bottles.

Casey Brewing and Blending

3421 Grand Avenue, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601, USA