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Spangalang Brewery Will Help Transform the Five Points Neighborhood

Industry veterans hailing from Great Divide will transform the old DMV in Five Points into a hip neighborhood brewery.

Jessie Levine

Spangalang is a jazz term referring specifically to percussion. Darren Boyd of the soon-to-come Spangalang Brewery, located in the former Department of Motor Vehicles in Five Points Plaza, shared that the name of the brewery is "a subtle nod to the history of the neighborhood." Boyd and his business partners Taylor Rees and Austin Wiley will bring their expertise in the art of brewing and an appreciation for the Five Points neighborhood to fruition with the opening of the new spot in just a few days.

The opening of Spangalang is around the corner although a date is yet to be pinned down. The brewers have eight beers on deck for the launch, including two IPAs, a saison, an imperial stout, a Belgian dubbel, and a Belgian table beer. All three of the founders of Spangalang have years of brewing experience with nationally renowned Great Divide Brewery under their belts, so it is safe to say we can expect great things from them.

Taylor Rees, former head brewer with Great Divide, says he jumped at the opportunity to put his dream brewery in this space when it went on the market. Rees and Boyd have made it clear that their intention for Spangalang is to focus on the tap room, with no intentions to distribute beer out of the gate. Their goal is to be serving frothy pints of fresh product at all times, including early in the day. They particularly want their spot to be open early enough in the day to suit the needs of the noon o'clock beer drinkers. Spangalang will be open at noon every day for that reason.

Part of the plan for this killer spot in Five Points Plaza is to include a small restaurant in the space nextdoor to the brewery. Rees confirms that the tentative plan is to have a window between the brewery and the small kitchen so that guests can order food conveniently. A shortage of food, however, should not be a problem as there will also be a new location of popular sandwich chain, Fat Jack's Supersubs, going in the Five Points Plaza.

Stay tuned for updates on the opening date.

Spangalang Brewery

2736 Welton Street, Denver, CO 80205, USA