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Trends: Move Over Black, Blue is the New Go-To Hue

The Denver restaurant scene is hot on blue and not shy about it.

Future location of the Blue Island Oyster Bar.
Future location of the Blue Island Oyster Bar.

Food for thought for all you trend-seekers: Blue is the new black in Denver's restaurant and bar scene. There was a time not long ago when black was the favorite and restaurants and coffee shops and bar were putting that in their name - think Black Shirt Brewing, Blackbelly Market, and Black Eye Coffee. A more recent theme indicates that shades of azure, cobalt, and robin's egg are gaining popularity over the classic.

Projected openings for Blue Island Oyster Bar in Cherry Creek and Blue Pan Pizza in the Highland were announced at the beginning of the year. Sunnyside's upcoming addition, BluePlains Tavern, just started construction of the soon-to-be wine bar and restaurant. Olde Town Arvada will soon be home to The Bluegrass Coffee Shop and Bourbon Lounge, an original combination that is sure to be enjoyed by the community.

For all we know, this trend is truly the opposite to feel blue about.