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Azucar Bakery Prevails in Anti-Gay Cake Controversy

A legal decision from the Colorado Civil Rights Division cleared the bakery of any legal liability.

Denver's Azucar Bakery recently escaped a not-so-sweet situation after customer William Jack claimed the bakery treated him unequally. Jack requested for two bible-shaped cakes to be made with biblical verses and pictures that depicted anti-gay ideals, which baker Marjorie Silva refused to make. She agreed to make the bible-shaped cakes but informed Jack that Azucar "does not discriminate" and "accept[s] all humans" and therefore will not write the anti-gay words.

Jack turned to the Colorado Civil Rights Division claiming discrimination based on religion. The agency finally came to a conclusion: "the evidence demonstrates that [Silva] would deny such requests to any customer, regardless of creed" and therefore ruled that the bakery did not discriminate against Jack.

Jack is not persuaded: A recent report indicated that he is currently in the process of filing an appeal.

Azucar Bakery

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