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Cherry Cricket Remains a Classic; Sassafras Does Louisiana-Style Fare Well

It's all about classic burgers and Southern flair in this week's restaurant reviews.

Sassafras American Eatery
Sassafras American Eatery

The classic Cherry Cricket was reviewed this week by Westword's Gretchen Kurtz. After acknowledging the Cricket's new neighbors and a number of lesser known menu additions, Kurtz quickly shifted into highlighting anything but the changes and dissected the usual fare of a plain burger. The critic accepted that the restaurant is capable of providing exactly the quality of burgers customers have come to expect at the Cricket, stating that "burgers [at the Cherry Cricket] may not be the best in town, but they're certainly not the worst." Kurtz would have known to go somewhere else if she had wanted a mind-blowing and exotic burger, yet she chose the Cherry Cricket anyway.

Capitol Hill's Sassafras American Eatery was reviewed by William Porter at the Denver Post this week. Porter enjoyed a wide range of dishes from the Louisiana-style menu, including the classic crawfish stew, Etouffee, and the "standout" fried green tomato Benedict. While Porter was unsatisfied with red beans and rice dish, overall, he commended owners Julia Grother and Richard Stewart for their restaurant. Readers got some "food for thought" with the idea of Sassafras expanding its range to offering dinner service.

Cherry Cricket

2641 East 2nd Avenue, , CO 80206 (303) 322-7666 Visit Website

Sassafras American Eatery, Highlands

3927 West 32nd Avenue, , CO 80212 (303) 433-0080 Visit Website