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Legal Drama at Denver's Cat Cafe Over Alleged Cat Bite

The cafe and home for adoptable cats is having a "hard time" with a lawsuit.

Adam Larkey

Denver's oasis for cat and coffee lovers, the Denver Cat Company, has found itself in the middle of some unpleasant legal drama. On Thursday May 7, owner Sana Hamelin was served with a small claims complaint filed by a former guest of the Berkeley cafe. The plaintiff alleged that in February a feline bit her hand, an incident that led her to Urgent Care and on an oral antibiotic prescription. After it became apparent that the alleged cat bite was causing a stir, Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue, the original cat adoption partner, terminated its business dealings with the cat cafe. Since then, For the Love of Paws and Planet Pet stepped in to provide kitties for adoption at this feline-friendly spot.

On a post on the cafe's Facebook page, owner Sana Hamelin expressed having a "hard time" over the lawsuit and other recent difficulties.

Guys, I'm having a very hard time. Although I'm working, all I can do is serve customers and then take breaks to cry....

Posted by Denver Cat Company on Friday, May 8, 2015

A legal defense fund has been created to give community members a chance to support the Denver Cat Company and can be accessed online.

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