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The 411 on the Exotic Sausage Joint Wurstküche

The L.A.-born restaurant makes an impression in Denver.

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Wurstküche's mustards
Wurstküche's mustards
Adam Larkey

The Pricey News: One reviewer had one complaint, but he didn't let it take away from the fact that Wurstküche knows how to do sausage...and mustard. "This was a great sausage. The fries and the bottled soda were a little pricey. More than 5 different mustards!" [Google+]

Everything, Except The Name News: One Yelper couldn't get enough of Wurstküche. From the portions to the friendly staff and the perfectly crisp Belgian fries, it has it all. There's just one thing, "If only the name were a liiiiitle easier to pronounce!" [Yelp]

The Beer News: Although Wurstküche is known for its sausages, its focus is to be a beer hall - a hangout where you happen to grab an exotic dog. "The beer list, a combo of Belgian and German brews (and two North American beers for those who prefer suds from the USA) encompasses 25 tap lines and another 24 beers by the bottle, all of which are poured in designated glasses provided by the breweries." [Zagat]

The Too Exotic News: Even though the place is known for its exotic menu items, one reviewer would appreciate at least a little normalcy. "This place would be so awesome if it had more traditional sausages & some sides to choose from other than the Belgian Fries. Atmosphere is awesome! Bar is expensive." [Facebook]

The Stellar News: Another Yelper raved about the sausage empire. "The place is absolutely stellar... Owner Joseph happened to help us out in All kinds of ways.... The food and beer are truly authentic and perfectly prepared... I was also tremendously impressed with the design riches everywhere.... Truly world-class establishment, and Denver is very fortunate.... Oh and very important... All beers are served in the appropriate branded stemware!" [Yelp]

The Fry News: 5280 Magazine tells Denverites to get to Wurstküche now. The ideal beer and sausage hangout knows how to get their spuds just the right amount of crispy. "Don't miss the fries. Wurstküche subscribes to the double-dip method—a process that includes soaking cut potatoes, blanching them, frying them, cooling them, and frying them again—to ensure perfectly cooked crisps that hold up to a collection of dipping sauces." [5280]


2036 Broadway, Denver, CO 80205 (303) 502-9226