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Ototo Will Return on Old South Pearl

Sushi Den's long-shuttered sister restaurant is making a comeback.

Since early this year, the space that housed Ototo on Old South Pearl Street has been seeing a lot of construction activity. The Kizaki brothers, who also own the iconic Sushi Den and the stunning Izakaya Den, closed the doors of Ototo (1501 South Pearl Street) back in 2011. It has been confirmed that the restaurant is coming back although in a different form.

Back when Ototo was serving, this third sibling in the Kizaki restaurant family offered showstoppers such as braised squid and its popular Egg in a Jar. The mood was as relaxed as the bricks were exposed and the garage doors lifted to bring in the Colorado air. The menu for the new Ototo is not ready to be released but it is clear that it will be different from its first incarnation.

Stay tuned and get excited.

Sushi Den

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Izakaya Den

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