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Food Truck Park Could Come to Boulder After New Ordinance

Entrepreneurs are pushing to open a food-truck park within prohibited city limits.

The projected location of the food-truck park
The projected location of the food-truck park
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The longstanding rule in Boulder, operating when over 150 feet away from a brick and mortar restaurant, has been a cumbersome one for those operating start up food trucks. Three entrepreneurs in Boulder are attempting to have this rule waived and they are having some success. According to the Daily Camera, an ordinance to waive the distance requirement has been written in an attempt to open up a food-truck park in Boulder.

The potential venue would be be located behind Thai Shi House at 3033 28th Street in a retired indoor baseball facility at 2775 Valmont Road. While this is "well-within" the required 150-foot distance, owners of Thai Shi have agreed to support the effort.

The ordinance was discussed at a City Council meeting at the beginning of May, where a majority of the members were in favor of creating an exemption. The document is currently in process of being reviewed by the Council, leaving the entrepreneurs and local food truck owners hopeful of the outcome.