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Tragedy: Dizzy's Donuts Shutters in Boulder

No more maple bacon doughnuts for you - at least for now.

Chef Eric Guthrie at Dizzy's Donuts
Chef Eric Guthrie at Dizzy's Donuts

If you are a doughnut lover and live in Boulder, this will be a blow to your universe: Dizzy's Donuts shuttered last week. The three year old Boulder shop was located at 1606 Conestoga Street, next door to Blackbelly Market.

All hope is not lost. Owner and pastry chef Eric Guthrie may bring back his creations in a different location. Here's what the Facebook post announcing the closure said:

Hello Donut Fans,
It is with great sadness and regret that I announce that Dizzy's Donuts will be closing, effective today.
We would like to thank all of our loyal customers for continuously making the "trek" to East Boulder in order to "eat a good one" We've enjoyed seeing you all each morning, and will miss serving you our delicious donuts.
We appreciate all the kind words you've shared with us on your visits.
Thank you
(this doesn't mean we won't show up again somewhere...)