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Little Machine Beer Will Open in Jefferson Park

A sneak peak into Jefferson Park's blossoming brewery.

The men behind Little Machine: Ben Chenard, Brett "Brettman" Williams, Mike Dunkly
The men behind Little Machine: Ben Chenard, Brett "Brettman" Williams, Mike Dunkly
Jessie Levine

With a sweeping view of the city skyline and Sports Authority Field, a neighborhood in the midst of maturation, and years of experience in the brewing industry, Mike Dunkly, Brett Williams, and Ben Chenard will open Little Machine Beer in Jefferson Park in the late summer/early fall of this year.  The developing Jefferson Park neighborhood and Broncos crowds can expect great things from this little brewery.

The focus here is on Colorado ingredients and brewing equipment, more about going deep,than going wide. Little Machine is starting from the bottom up with a brew system where every single element is Colorado-made from start to foamy finish. The ten barrel Bennett Forgeworks system is the first of its kind.

Head brewer Brett "Brettman" Williams, formerly of Dry Dock, will create the lineup of beers with constants like a pilsner, a pale ale, and an IPA, and rotating taps including a dark beer like a stout or porter, double IPA, strong ale, and one reserved for something more experimental. While Williams will have full creative control over the beers at Little Machine, he stresses the importance of seasonal beers and community reactiveness - listening to one's guests. There will certainly be some beloved mainstays on the tap wall, but visitors to Little Machine can expect some wild cards as well.

"It's a lifestyle play," Dunkly shares when talks about orienting the brewery around the community. Little Machine aims for the community gathering space as opposed to joining the ranks of massive production breweries. The focal point is on creating a place for the neighborhood rather than distribution capacity. With the proximity to Sports Authority Stadium and plans to show Broncos games on projection screens as well as to host tailgate parties parking lot, Little Machine is gearing up to be a great stop before or during games this coming NFL season. The gentlemen of Little Machine plan to implement drive-up parking spots for quick growler fills, a food truck program, and potentially develop partnerships with some of the ethnic restaurants on South Federal.

To foster conversation and lingering, there will be a beautiful, rounded bar and many options for seating. Comfy couches, window seating, barstools, smaller four tops, and a fireplace to cozy up next to will provide ample seating and space to talk about life over a few beers.

Dry Dock Brewing Co.

15120 E Hampden Avenue, Aurora, CO 80014 303 400 5606

Little Machine Beer

2924 West 20th Avenue, , CO 80211 (303) 284-7893 Visit Website