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Bluesy Boozy Drink Honors B.B.King at the Squeaky Bean

Shrine drinks are a longstanding tradition at the LoDo restaurant.

B.B.King Shrine at the Squeaky Bean
B.B.King Shrine at the Squeaky Bean

The Squeaky Bean is now serving its latest iteration of a shrine drink, The Thrill Is Gone. Dedicated to the late king of blues, B.B King, the cocktail is made with A. D. Laws Whiskey, Braulio, Averna, and Demerara.

The cocktail will be available until a next pop icon is honored with a drink and a spot on this shrine. With quirky but respectful playfulness, the restaurant maintains two shrines by its bar: one permanently dedicated to Farah Fawcett, complete with a photo of the actress, and another that changes as stars and pop icons pass away.

The Squeaky Bean

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