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Rock Stars of the Bolder Boulder: The Vesta-Steuben's-Ace Team

Over 50 employees of the popular restaurants ran together in the Memorial Day race.

Secret Sauce team at the Bolder Boulder
Secret Sauce team at the Bolder Boulder

Restaurateur Josh Wolkon who owns Vesta, Steuben's, and Ace, ran the Bolder Boulder yesterday alongside 55 front and back of the house employees from his three restaurants. Among them were chefs Brandon Foster (Vesta) and Brandon Biederman (Steuben's/Ace) as well as pastry queen Nadine Donovan

This is a healthy showing (pun intended) for an industry known for its unhealthy ways. But it is not the first one for the restaurant group called Secret Sauce. "We have in the past received a 3rd place award for corporate team size from the Bolder Boulder," shared Emily Biederman, Secret Sauce's COO. "Haven't heard for this year yet, but fingers crossed. We have competed against organizations like Century Link and Excel Energy for this."

The Memorial Day race is part of the company's Healthy Living Initiative, which also involved a Wellness Week that included participation in the Conscious Cleanse. Wolkon's employees are also offered subsidized memberships to Core Power Yoga and Colorado Athletic Club. "We know it's hard to stay healthy in this industry, so we do our part to make it a bit easier," Emily Biederman explained.

The restaurant group is working on expanding with a second location of Steuben's in Arvada.


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