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Denver Deep Dish Pulls Out of the Bar Car

The Chicago-style pizza will focus on its Highland location.

Denver Deep Dish inside Bar Car
Denver Deep Dish inside Bar Car

Denver Deep Dish, a three year old pie shop that got its start inside the Bar Car, will stop baking its Chicago-style pizzas on Colorado Boulevard on Saturday, May 30. The group that owns the Bar Car (and also operates the Horseshoe Lounge and Inga's Alpine Lounge) saw an opportunity with the imminent shutter of its Centennial Tavern at Jonesy's to take back the kitchen at the Bar Car and decided against renewing the Denver Deep Dish lease.

Jason McGovern, owner and pizza man extraordinaire at Denver Deep Dish, plans to focus on his location in the Highland. The eatery opened earlier this year at 1200 West 38th Avenue. McGovern is hopeful that an opportunity will arise in the future for the business to return to the Congress Park area.

Denver Deep Dish

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