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Spruce Tap House Closes After Seven Months in Business

R.I.P. Spruce Tap House.

Colin Clark

Spruce Tap House had a short-lived tenure in the Ballpark neighborhood. The sports bar/barbecue joint/craft tap house closed unexpectedly over the long weekend to the utter surprise of patrons and neighbors.

The building that houses Spruce as well as next door neighbor, River North Brewery, is being sold by the owner in order to be demolished and recreated as multi unit housing. However, these changes will not become reality until much later this year. It was expected that the businesses currently housed in the Blake Street unit would not evacuate until closer to when construction is scheduled to begin.

It seems like the folks behind Spruce Tap House decided to throw in the towel much earlier than expected. Neighbors saw them moving all furniture, arcade games, kitchen equipment, and bar gear out of the building on Tuesday after the long weekend.

River North Brewery

2401 Blake Street Suite 1, Denver, CO 80205 303 296 2617 Visit Website

Spruce Tap House

, Denver, CO (303) 297-2727