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Katsu Ramen Not Up to Par with Tokyo; Cart Driver Provides Taste of Italy

See what the critics have to say.


Four month old Katsu Ramen was the subject of a restaurant review this week by Westword. After reminiscing about the "transformational" ramen she slurped in Tokyo, critic Gretchen Kurtz experienced what appeared to be disappointment by the fact that Katsu's tonkotsu ramen lacked the same caliber of flavor and taste. She was left mystified after receiving no answer from the chefs as to whether two essential ingredients in ramen, dried kombu (seaweed) and bonito (fish) flakes, were included in the dishes. Despite her feeling of disenchantment with the ramen, Kurtz still remarked an overall approval and was pleased with the katsu curry and a panko-crusted pork cutlet in sweet, brown sauce.

Pint-sized Cart Driver was reviewed by 5280 Magazine's Stacey Brugeman this month. The critic compared the pizza to the cheesy goodness she ate while in its homeland, Italy. Brugeman complimented the "game changing" mushroom pizza and the "flawless" look and taste of a spicy-pepperoni and Calabrian peppers topped pie. Also know for its oysters, the critic was impressed by the "smart" sides of creative versions of mignonette sauce and lemon that Cart Driver offers. Brugeman appreciated owner Kelly Whitaker's use of the Italian way within the restaurant, incorporating only local ingredients to ensure freshness that's on-par with the great pizza.

Cart Driver

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Katsu Ramen

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