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The Classic Barolo Grill Restaurant Has a New Owner

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Fear not, it's a familiar face.

Barolo Grill
Barolo Grill

The general manager and wine director of Barolo Grill, Ryan Fletter, now owns 100 percent of the restaurant, the Denver Business Journal reported. The founder and now previous owner of the iconic Italian restaurant Blair Taylor plans on focusing on his Denver-based wine-importing business, Enotec Imports.

Fletter is no stranger to the restaurant. He started working there only 18 months after its 1992 opening and has been there since with the exception of a hiatus from 2001 to 2003. He has served as general manager and wine director at Barolo since 2003 after a Loyal guests should fear no change in the dining room or menu.

Barolo Grill

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