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The Hot Dish: Lemon Icebox Bar at Steuben's

Pastry chef Nadine Donovan create the perfect summer treat.

The modern American diner Steuben's scored big when pastry queen Nadine Donovan joined the Vesta/Steuben's/Ace group earlier this year. The Uptown eatery was the first of the three restaurants to get a new dessert menu curated by her. Among the creations she launched in April is a stunning lemon icebox bar. Made up of a delightful frozen lemon mousse, ginger crumble, blackberry compote, and toasted meringue, this popular dessert is right what the doctor ordered when it comes to ending a summer meal.

"The inspiration for this dessert was drawn from the American classic icebox cake, traditionally composed of custard and cookies layered together and stored in the 19th century version of a refrigerator, or "icebox," Donovan said. "At Steuben's we have recreated the dish by layering white cake, frozen lemon mousse, ginger crumble and then finishing it with toasted meringue and blackberry compote. It's a dessert that has been passed down though many generations and aims to spark a sense of nostalgia with a modern twist."


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