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The Kitchen Plans Not One But Three Spots in Memphis

This is the second out-of-state expansion for the Boulder-born spot.

The Kitchen Denver
The Kitchen Denver
Adam Larkey

When the Kitchen opened its doors eleven years ago in Boulder, the restaurant owned by Kimbal Musk and Hugo Matheson changed the local conversation on sustainable eating. Now, with three new locations in the works, Musk and Matheson aim to share their way of eating at the Shelby Farms Park Conservancy and Crosstown Concourse in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Kitchen signed two leases there - one for a community bistro and a grab-n-go style establishment at the Heart of the Park (Shelby Farms Park) and one lease for a community pub at the new Crosstown Concourse. The goal is to always keep the local community in mind, each location designed to benefit the city it serves in several ways including by funding for Learning Gardens in schools, 100 of which will be built over the next two years across Memphis.

The Kitchen and The Kitchen Next Door will begin serving farm fresh, local food in 2016 at Shelby Farms Park and 2017 at Crosstown Concourse.