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Meadowlark Kitchen Applauded for Creativity; Four Friends Kitchen Praised

These restaurants, located in RINo and Stapleton, were reviewed this week.

Meadowlark Kitchen
Meadowlark Kitchen
Adam Larkey

Meadowlark Kitchen, the RiNo eatery with a modern yet homey menu, was reviewed by Westword's Gretchen Kurtz this week. The critic applauds several dishes, including the kitchen's bestselling burger, which she refers to as an "icon of indulgence" because of its many toppings. Kurtz notes that the "edgy and eclectic" vibe of Meadowlark compliments the "friendlier food" items on the menu. Despite the praise, a few phrases of disappointment are expressed by the critic over the desserts and use of paper napkins.

Stapleton's Four Friends Kitchen was reviewed by William Porter of the Denver Post and awarded three stars. He found that the eatery's "acoustically live space" allowed for fun to be had by children with Etch-A-Sketches and parents sipping on a spicy grapefruit cocktail. Among the dishes Porter recommends, the Bluegrass Benedict, Down South Trio, and a "terrific" BLT. The critic commends the restaurant for their "sensible portions" that would be appreciated by early morning workers not looking to begin the day in a food coma.

Four Friends Kitchen

2893 Roslyn Street, , CO 80238 (303) 388-8299 Visit Website

Meadowlark Kitchen

2705 Larimer Street, , CO 80205 (303) 953-1815 Visit Website