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Solitaire Restaurant's lovely outdoor space
Solitaire Restaurant's lovely outdoor space

Solitaire Restaurant, the newest hot spot in the hot dining area, got reviewed by the Denver Post. Reviewer Bill Porter, who gave the eatery helmed by chef Mark Ferguson 1 and a half stars, found a few dishes unbalanced in their composition. While the foie gras stuffed dates served wrapped in bacon didn't impress, Porter was wowed by Solitaire's stunning octopus dish featuring Portuguese octopus, roasted grapes, chorizo, black garlic, saffron zabaglione, and a French red chile pepper.

Aurora staple, Summit Steakhouse, did not fare so well in a recent review by Westword. Restaurant critic Gretchen Kurtz gave Summit points for its "gracious, unhurried, and charmingly old-fashioned" appeal, but she dinged the Aurora institution for not keeping up with times. While the French onion soup was deemed one of the best in town, most of the other menu items were not reviewed so highly. Overly oily calamari, pasty spinach artichoke dip, and a sickeningly rich take on chicken Cordon bleu were a few of the disappointments of Kurtz's meal.

Solitaire Restaurant

3927 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80212 (303) 477-4732

Summit Steakhouse

2700 South Havana Street, Aurora, CO 80014, USA