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The Hottest Starbucks in Denver Is Getting a Liquor License

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Before you know it, Cherry Creek's Fillmore Street Starbucks will serve wine and beer.

Starbucks 2nd & Fillmore
Starbucks 2nd & Fillmore
Andra Zeppelin

Starbucks is not waiting until its new store located at 250 Columbine to bring its new program that includes booze to the posh Cherry Creek neighborhood. The mammoth coffee chain is pursuing a liquor license for its hot location at 2nd and Fillmore.

The hearing will take place on June 24 and if all goes according to plan, the see-and-be-seen spot will begin pouring wine and beer shortly thereafter. The "Evenings" menu will be available daily from 4 p.m. to regular closing hours. No wine before 4 but plenty of coffee no matter which hour if the doors are open.