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Bread v. Smash Mouth: Singer Curses Out Taste of Fort Collins Goers

The lead singer freaked out over bread bring thrown on stage. Caution: Adult language.

Steve Harwell
Steve Harwell
Hey Reverb

During the final act of the three day Taste of Fort Collins, Smash Mouth's lead vocalist Steve Harwell lost it and frantically started cursing out his audience, the Coloradoan reported. Bread was the culprit.

"You throw one more piece of shit on the fucking stage, I'm gonna come find your ass, I'm gonna beat your ass, whoever the fuck you are out there, ok? You want to be a badass, come up here. Walk your badass over here. Come on stage badass. [...] You bring your ass of stage ... whoever is throwing bread at me, Im gonna tell you right now, I will beat the fuck out of you."

Hey now: You may be a rock star, but ranting and cussing for nearly three minutes isn't exactly the kind of game Taste of Fort Collins attendees were hoping you would get on on Sunday night.

Video uploaded by Y>P on Youtube.

Here's what happened: Bread loaves were given away by one of the Taste of Fort Collins vendors. Someone in the audience took it upon themselves to get some of that bread onto the stage. Ok, someone threw bread on stage. Harwell was not amused, but after the cussing and some booing from the crowd he got the show back on the road with the band's hit song All Star.