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Ian Kleinman's Inventing Rooms Plants Roots in the Lower 48 Service Bar Space

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The mad scientist chef will open an ice-cream and dessert parlor in the upcoming weeks.

Lower 48 Service Bar Space
Lower 48 Service Bar Space

There will finally be a brick-and-mortar for the elusive and delicious Inventing Room. Chef Ian Kleinman is taking over the 650 square foot space that housed the Lower 48 Service Bar in the Ballpark neighborhood. "The space is beautiful. There are really tall ceilings and we will be able to accommodate about 18-20 guests in our take on an ice-cream and dessert concept," said Kleinman.

The team at Lower 48 is excited too. "The goal of the Service Bar space was always as an amenity to our guests at the restaurant," said owner Mario Nocifera. With this addition, we feel like the spirit of what we wanted to do there remains intact."

In the coming weeks, pending permitting, Kleinman will unveil what he calls a free-flowing extension of the Inventing Room and all the pop-ups that the business has been doing. "We are going to have fun with some classic desserts. We are going to take familiar desserts and put our twist on them. That's the main idea," Kleinman explained.

Among those desserts is a carrot cake ice cream sandwich made with cream cheese ice cream, carrot cake cookie, and a marshmallow toasted with a torch. Once it's assembled, the chef will dip the creation in liquid nitrogen right before serving freezing it to order. Don't panic if you don't see doughnuts on the menu. Kleinman promises to have pop-up style doughnuts some mornings, on certain days, but nothing is quite yet set in stone.

Bonus: The space will also host Gobble Funk, a supper club that will emerge two or three times a month. Only 18 guests will be able to join the festivities that will bring local chefs and chefs from out-of-town to cook in an intimate setting.

The new attraction will be open daily from 12 to 8 p.m.. From 8 to 10 p.m., adults can rent out the space for private parties where they can bring in their own booze. At the other end of the spectrum, kids parties can be hosted in the space daily from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Stay tuned for an update on the timing of this opening.

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