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Opening Report: Sweet Cow Ice Cream Now Scooping in South Boulder

Boulder's ice cream repertoire just got even sweeter.

Sweet Cow's Denver Location
Sweet Cow's Denver Location

With four bustling locations across the Front Range and the whimsical ice cream truck perennially on the move, Sweet Cow Ice Cream is quickly becoming one of our favorite (and most convenient) ice cream parlors in town. The newest addition to the family, the South Boulder location on Table Mesa, began serving small batch iced treats earlier this month.

Owner, Drew Honness, brings the same level of perfection known from Sweet Cow's desserts to the South Boulder spot. The new location hit the scene with an extensive ice cream menu including some fun flavors like Dr. Pepper, chocolate orange, OZO coffee, and honey maple grape nuts. Don't worry old school Sweet Cow fans, your favorite go-to flavors (like Dutch chocolate) are still on deck as well. The Table Mesa spot opened with extended hours (noon to 10 p.m.) to satisfy all of your ice cream needs on these long summer evenings.