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Bang! Will Shutter at the End of July

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End of an Era: The Highland Square restaurant has been a staple in the now-changing neighborhood for nearly two decades.

The Drink Nation

Bang!'s owners, Chris and Jeff Oakley and Cissy Olderman have decided to close the Highland Square restaurant at the end of July. Last week, the three partners who have made their mark on the neighborhood for nearly 20 years listed the business for sale and the space for lease (they own the property).  Already, there has been some promising interest. Real estate is highly coveted in the area.

Olderman, who handled the dessert program at the restaurant, left the business a little over a year ago to spend more time with her family. Chris and Jeff Oakley continued to run the restaurant until now, but, after all their years in the trenches, they found that they too are ready to move on to other things.


3472 W 32nd Avenue, Denver, CO 80211 303 455 1117