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Mighty Sparrow & The Sea Maiden Will Open in Cap Hill

This is the newest project from the team that owns the magical Beatrice & Woodsley.

Future home of Mighty Sparrow & the Sea Maiden
Future home of Mighty Sparrow & the Sea Maiden
Andra Zeppelin

A double concept — restaurant and lounge —  is coming to 1310 Pearl Street in Capitol Hill: Mighty Sparrow & The Sea Maiden. The new venture is the brainchild of Tastié Concepts, who also owns Two-fisted Mario's Pizza and Mario's Double Daughter's Salotto in LoDo and the super dreamy Beatrice & Woodsley on South Broadway.

The group, led by Kevin Delk, John C. Skogstad, Jr., and Ian Arreola, will unveil Mighty Sparrow, a restaurant that will bring affordable food and drinks, along with some local entertainment. The spot will focus on diverse, seasonally-inspired selections of world cuisine from Latin American to French Creole, African, Indian, and Amerindian. There will be a good selection of pork, goat, poultry, and seafood, but garden-created vegetarian dishes will also be a focus point.

The lounge part of the concept, the Sea Maiden will be accessed through an alley entrance and will occupy the rear portion of the space behind the main restaurant, being able to share much of the restaurant's supporting infrastructure. A cocktail-focused bar with some shareable food menu, the Sea Maiden aims to focus on the art and craft of socializing, offering straight-forward cocktails.