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RiNo Welcomes Rebel Restaurant in July

A unique new dining experience will take over a well-known dive bar spot in RiNo.

Andra Zeppelin

One of RiNo's historic dive bars, a spot we've all driven by and wondered about a hundred times, is being revamped by bold and innovative new owners Dan Lasiy and Bo Porytko, announced Westword. The gentlemen behind Rebel Restaurant plan to reflect the grittiness of the area with rebellious, artistic touches in the space on 38th and Wynkoop while also incorporating a distinctly community-driven approach.

The cuisine will be derived from inherited Ukranian family recipes served in a contemporary setting. Think borscht, pierogis, and roasted lamb head offered in a space that cherishes relics from the past while breathing new life into the neighborhood. Rebel will be open for dinner to start while they facilitate the transition from well-known dive bar to classy eatery. Many of the artifacts of the space's past will be held onto and assimilated into the rebellious aesthetic.