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Boulder Food Park One Step Closer to Fruition

The proposed community food truck park just got one step closer.

The projected location of the food truck park
The projected location of the food truck park
Google Maps

Boulder City Council recently approved an ordinance that is of great significance to the entrepreneurs behind the proposed Boulder Food Park, the Daily Camera reported. As it stands currently, food trucks in the People's Republic cannot be within 150 feet of brick-and-mortar restaurants. The law is in place to protect the interests of restaurants who operate on much higher overhead costs than the food truck counterparts.

The ordinance approved on Tuesday night would ignite a waiver process ultimately allowing plans for the Boulder food truck park to come to fruition. In order for this to happen, the restaurant in question, the Thai Shi House on 28th, would need to write a letter in clear support of each individual food truck planning to set up shop in the Boulder Food Park. As of now, the Thai Shi House appears to have no objection to this plan.

Boulder's City Council is reluctant to drastically change any of the regulations surrounding mobile food purveyors without apt encouragement from the community. Some community members have expressed concern about the level of noise that could potentially be present from the proposed food park, but overall the community seems to support the idea. If all goes smoothly, the Boulder Food Park will open in the fall.

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